In the Footsteps of Rome : Is the United States Following the History of the Roman Empire? – by Philip J. Tarnoff

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In the Footsteps of Rome is an epic tale that validates the United States’ vulnerability to a major attack by its enemies. The gripping story begins on the battlefields of the Middle East and Africa, where independent groups are fighting for the overthrow of their governments.

A new, well-financed organization emerges with the objective of uniting these disparate groups into an effective jihadist force, having the ambitious goal of establishing a worldwide Muslim Caliphate.

The organization’s effectiveness is enhanced by its acquisition of an advanced technology capable of inflicting significant damage on the United States. For the U.S., the end result, like that of Rome, is chaos and the erosion of its system of government.

In the Footsteps of Rome reflects Philip Tarnoff’s first-hand knowledge of both government agencies and the private sector. His career experience includes work with state and federal agencies, most recently focusing on the operation of America’s highway transportation system, a pursuit for which he has received many awards.

As our government pours large sums of money into defense while its infrastructure crumbles, it becomes increasingly clear that the U.S. is following the path of the Rome, whose investments in military superiority dwarfed expenditures on the Empire’s other critical needs.

Tarnoff’s first book, The Road Ahead, which discussed necessary improvements in transportation operations, has received universal acclaim. It is now followed by this work of fiction, which exposes the weaknesses of a deteriorating society.

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Keywords:- Constitutional Crisis, Fall of the Roman Empire, Lights Out, Fall of the US, Jihad, Caliphate, Terrorist Plot.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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