In the End – by Augusto Román & Bryan J. López Marcano

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It’s a black rainy night, and I am here thrown in the street, choking in my own blood and in my own madness. My white ’69 Camaro is broken in parts, and I am reliving every second of what happened. Well, people always say that you see your life flash near your eyes before leaving this world.

 Chosen by God and the Devil, Alexander has been deemed the savior or destroyer of humanity. Born in Italy, with pitch black long hair tied in a ponytail, gray eyes, a shadowed beard, he was raised with the murder of his family, killed by a series of terrorist attacks from the organization Il Caduti. He desperately tries to stop and find those responsible for the attacks on his family, but has lost his balance during the chase.

 In a world-changing deal between God and Lucifer, Alexander Bochetti was chosen to be the savior or destroyer of all life on the planet.

Meanwhile in Italy, Alexander is a trusted officer inside the Vatican with the mission of guarding the Pope and the Holy Palace from all evil. Working beside him, are his most dependable partners, Samael and Lilith.

Soon the three will be racing a life-changing experience, warped into a game of shadows built by a terrorist assembly called Il Caduti, a secret and rebellious organization that’s been on Earth since the beginning of the obscurantism, just waiting to make disasters to be unleashed upon innocence and hope.

In the End, betrayal surrounds Alexander the savior. Can the savior be saved?

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Keywords:-In The End, Vatican, Alexander, Lilith, Fallen, Obscurantism, Italy.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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