Imperfectly Matched – by Laurie Therese Bordeaux

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Working as a Legalman (paralegal) in the Navy, single mother Belle is assigned the biggest case of her career just after being stationed at the Norfolk Naval Base. Belle never expected that uncovering the facts in the complex case will place her and everyone around her in grave danger.

When Belle meets Jorge, a third year  medical school student and aspiring Naval Officer who works in a bar on the base, his rude and obnoxious exterior soon gives way to kindness. As Belle finds herself in a series of high-stakes circumstances, Jorge becomes her greatest ally. What will Belle and Jorge have to face to discover the truth behind the case?

Imperfectly Matched delivers gripping drama and unforgettable thrills as it reaches its rewarding conclusion.

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Keywords:-Navy, Drama, Suspense, Romance, Norfolk, Virginia, and Law.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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