I’m not Religious, I’m a Spiritual Person – by Susan D. Sammarco

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If you are dissatisfied with mainstream religions but consider yourself a spiritual person, this book will provide both inspiration and answers to life’s most consciousness-expanding questions:

Why should we seek enlightenment?
What is love?

How can we embrace conflict as a means for growth?

How can a person change his or her poverty consciousness?

What is the difference between destiny and free will?

What lies behind the power of forgiveness?

How can we tune in to the God within?

In sharing the journey, my intention is to help others who are going through major changes in their lives find peace and even joy!

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Keywords:- Spiritual, Religious, Philosophy, Spiritual Insight, New Thought, Metaphysical, Higher Consciousness, Spiritual Path, World Religions.

Genres:- Body,  Mind & Spirit New Thought,  Religion : Spirituality, General.

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