I’ll See You in My Dreams – by Doreen G. Kimmel

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I’ll See You in My Dreams tenderly recounts the story of Joe and Rose — whose love for each other endured heartache and sorrow until their dying days and beyond. Set in Little Italy, Brooklyn, and Long Island, New York, this tale harkens back to a simpler day and time. Theirs is an absorbing and unforgettable love story beginning in 1927 and spanning almost 60 years. Divine intervention comes in the form of an angel visiting Joe when he is nine years old — the first time he and Rose meet. Destiny calls, as does hardship, family upheaval, and the pain of lost youth. Salvation depends on Joe finding his angel one more time so that it can restore the couple’s chance for long awaited — and well deserved happiness.

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Keywords:- Nonfiction, Love, Angel, Destiny, Hardships, Triumphs, Eternity.

Genres:- Fiction, Romance, Historical.


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