lIf It Weren’t For the Laughter, Life Would Be a Scream : Random Recollections and Amusing Musings on the Hidden Humor of Every Day – by Kathryn Olszonowicz

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Anguish and strife can often fill our lives, but if we let ourselves dwell on the negative aspects, we fail to see all of the beauty and humor that is also an integral part of living. This collection of the author’s personal experiences reminds us to look at the lighter side of life and allow ourselves to laugh for a change. We can find humor in both ordinary and extraordinary experiences and a positive attitude can make a huge difference in our lives.

The events in this compilation teach us that humor is as necessary an ingredient to a contented life, as is the food and water we consume and the air we breathe. Like a true seasoning, humor complements and completes. Life is what it is, but it is also what you make of it. It can teach us one lesson time and time again — if it weren’t for the laughter, life would be a scream.

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