Ian, El Güero (9781608606900) – by Francis R. Duffy

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Ian, El Güero by Francis R. Duffy is a novel that sinks its claws into you from the first chapter. In this electrifying novel, Duffy weaves a tale of murder, infidelity, espionage and drug-trafficking. Ian Devereux moves to Mexico with his beautiful Mexican- born wife, Dinorah and their daughter, Briana. After 18 years Ian longs to return to the United States, but Dinorah´s father is a powerful political leader and his wife refuses to leave her homeland. Ian seeks solace in the arms of a fatally-attractive Columbian psychiatrist, Daniela. Their love affair sets off a chain of catastrophic events that quickly spirals out of control and Ian finds himself caught up in a web of intrigue that threatens to put him and his family in harm´s way. Daniela´s jealous drug-trafficking husband, Juan Ignacio, is the prime suspect in the murder of a drug enforcement officer. An American DEA chief appeals to Ian´s patriotism to help uncover information on Juan Ignacio through Daniela. They need proof before they can bring him to justice. When it´s proven that Juan Ignacio has an alibi, the guilt shifts to Daniela who was in Guadalajara at the time of the homicide. Fearful that her husband will discover she´s pregnant with Ian´s baby, she convinces Ian to flee with her to the US border. While on the journey this ordinary English teacher finds himself cleverly dodging dangerous criminals, participating in a drug smuggling operation and devising a plan to sabotage it. Who killed the agent? Who´s the greatest threat to Ian? Who must he betray? Duffy creates a dizzyingly, heart-pounding novel with a protagonist whose normal life is turned upside down by duty to his country. A rollercoaster of a story, it builds to a dramatic and stunning conclusion.

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