How to Run a Profitable (Hospitality) Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Food and Beverage Business – by Peter Clarke

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How to Run a Profitable (Hospitality) Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Food, and Beverage Business is a management guide focusing on improving product and service offerings, while setting desired monetary goals.

The intent is to corner your market by providing a superior, consistent level of performance to exceed guest expectations. Through your commitment to profit, you will recognize that guest satisfaction is the critical ingredient. In order to create a quality product and provide excellent service, a concerted focus on attention to detail is required.

Assimilate these valued objectives; they will enable you to recognize a clear pathway to positive operational and financial results. “You deserve to make a profit!”

Put acceptable standards in place through “expect what you inspect” ; provide guests a clean, comfortable property with attentive services; making profit is a direct result of running a dynamic property. The objective is to provide guests what they expect, because they are paying for it; use the “Standard Model” concept and structured change by creating your action plan; provide outstanding food and beverage product and service quality; nuild a sales plan for managing your marketplace niche.

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Keywords:- Guest Expectations, Hospitality, Hotels, Food and Beverage, Procedures, Sales and Marketing, Profit.

Genres:- Business.

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