Honey, I’m Home – by Janel J. Tutak

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Honey, I’m Home. Those three little words strike terror in the mind of Katie Beatrice, a wife dealing with spousal abuse.

This fictional tale takes on the important topic of domestic violence in a terrifying way. After living with her husband Tom’s abuse for years and suffering in silence, Katie finally shares her story with an old friend from high school when he questions her “accident.”

With her friend Jack’s help, Katie finally works up the courage to leave her husband. Tom regularly abuses his wife physically and mentally. He is selfish and controlling. Just as Katie is leaving him, Tom walks in and they have a violent argument.

Katie continues to run from her problems, trying to start a new life in a different town. But stress and memories from the past assault her, and she starts to believe she’s going crazy.

Has Katie left her problems behind or will her troubles follow her? Honey, I’m Home is a chilling story of what happens all too often behind closed doors.

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Keywords:-Abuse, Home, Fiction, Suspense, Mystery, Domestic, Women.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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