Hide and Seek with Daddy – by Terri Ward

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Hide and Seek With Daddy has to be the best game ever! This charming children’s book brings us out in the woods beside seven-year-old Johnny and five-year-old Valerie as they play with their father.
The kids hear a voice in the woods saying: “One, two, three, come and find me. I’m hiding behind you, out in the trees.” Both children shout, “Daddy!” and run into the woods.
Daddy shouts out another clue. “Four, five, six, I’m not in those sticks. I’ll give you a clue, it goes like this; take three steps forward and one step back and look for something green and black.” The children find a green and black turtle with a note taped to its back, saying, “You’re getting warmer!”
Daddy gives them more clues that take them further into the woods. What will Daddy say next?
The final clue leads Johnny and Valerie back into the house, where Daddy is sitting in the kitchen with his arms stretched wide for a hug. He hands the kids their final note. Can you guess what it reads?
“Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, I’m happy as can be, to have you as my children, I’m glad you found me.”

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