Hidden Truths – by Brenda Youngerman

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A bolt of lightning shatters his dreams and six-year-old Billy Foster finds himself blamed for his mother’s death as his father rages in mourning. His life irrevocably altered forever, Billy disappears into the night.

Billy’s guilt-ridden brother, Wayne, is left behind to deal with the real Foster family demons. He floats through life as an invisible speck of dust, rarely seen by the people he interacts with as he leaves his childhood behind.

Gwen Nelson is an unwanted child who never gives up hope despite people letting her down, time after time. All the adults around her, including her wasted mother, think only of what’s best for them, never giving Gwen a second thought, until an angel comes along to help her believe in herself.

Her sister, Grace, is spared this lonely life and grows up in a loving and caring home.
Follow the lives of these four children… two float through life, unnoticed and unheard, desperately keeping the secrets of their parents, two grow up in loving environments.

Their lives will converge in one unexpected moment…

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Keywords:- Brenda Youngerman, Fiction With A Purpose, Domestic Abuse, Drug Abuse, Teenager Issues, Alcoholism, Child Protective Services, Gwen Nelson, Billy Foster, Jimmy Bleak.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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