Hexenkessel: The Second Coming – by Peter Thomas McDougall

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What if Adolf Hitler didn’t die in 1945? That’s the premise of the thrilling new novel Hexenkessel: The Second Coming.

Peter Thomas McDougall’s stunning book interweaves two stories. The first tells the journey of Hitler up until 1945, and the assistance given by the mysterious Dr Vorshung. The second story follows his two chief protagonists from the future, Petersen and Wagner, who want to piece together evidence proving Hitler did not die by suicide in the final days of World War II.

In the second part of the book, the space/time locations are reversed. Hitler travels forward in time to present day to lead a fanatical band of Nazi terrorists unleashing war in the Middle East, before crippling the Internet and destroying the populations of Eastern Europe through genetically engineered viruses.

The novel relates the incredible number of times Hitler narrowly avoided assassination attempts, his rise and fall from power, and his radical transformation after he is transported to modern times, when he again develops a deadly and daring plan to take over the world.

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Keywords:- Hitler, World War Two, Terrorism, SS, Holocaust, Time Travel, Biological Warfare

Genres:- General Fiction

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