Help Me Find My Saviour: An Anthology of 50 Poems on the Way of Salvation – by Francis Emson Dakwa, BA (Unisa), M.Ed. (Wales, UK)

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Help Me Find My Saviour is an anthology of fifty poems chronicling the agonies of a sinner before he finally finds salvation and the peace of God through faith in Jesus Christ.

The book is divided into five themes: The Sinner’s Puzzle; The Gift of the Holy Spirit; Sufficiency of the Blood of Jesus; The Sinner’s Salvation; and The Joy of the Redeemed

In these themes, the author exposes the futility of a man or woman attempting to free themselves from bondage. Salvation is eventually reached as the seeker admits his guilt, seeks the cleansing of the Blood of Jesus, and permits the Holy Spirit to envelop his entire life.

Keywords:- Person, Living, Being, Spirit, Body, Soul, Moving.

Genres:- Poetry.

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