Helena’s Vendetta – by Mario Fenech

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Helena’s Vendetta is an epic crime saga and thriller featuring Edward Borg, son of renowned criminal mastermind Leo Borg. Edward is orphaned young when an angry associate murders his father, and his mother dies of heartbreak.
As a wealthy but lonely young man, Edward falls in love with the beautiful but sad Helena, the stepdaughter of Malta’s most vicious criminal. Helena tells Edward she is being forced to marry her stepbrother and that her stepfather is then planning to kill her to steal her wealth. She is also certain that her stepfather poisoned her mother.
Vowing to save Helena, Edward enlists the help of trusted friends to fake Helena’s death. But events spiral out of control, and Edward is framed for a crime he didn’t commit.
Edward realizes that his desire for love was too naïve in a world driven by lies, greed, and revenge. Will he be able to outsmart the top criminal minds in Malta to unite with Helena, or is Edward being used as a pawn?

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Keywords:- Mystery, revenge, romance, murder, greed, crime, suspense.

Genres:- Thriller.

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