Heaven Spent – by Janice B. Scott

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The Reverend Polly Hewitt, a recently ordained deacon in the Church of England, is starting her first post as a curate for Canon Henry Winstone. Henry, who is nearing retirement, is very traditional and set in his ways.
Polly is straight out of college and is filled with energy and enthusiasm to try new things in the church. She clashes with old-fashioned Henry and his wife, Mavis, from the outset and is soon in trouble with the bishop. Following his difficulties with Polly, Henry has a breakdown and takes a much needed rest.
Into this mix comes the mysterious Ella, whose mother has recently died. Ella has decided to seek out her father, whom she never met and knows nothing about.
During his break from the church, Henry begins to question his faith and faces difficult, life-altering decisions. Meanwhile, Polly is falsely accused of a crime, is arrested and thrown in jail. Tom Curtis, a young solicitor assigned to her case, gets her released.
Will Polly be able to convince the church that she was wrongly accused? And will Ella be reunited with her father? These and other questions will be answered in Heaven Spent.

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Genres:- Religious, Suspense, Fiction, General.

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