Hearts In Conflict : The past can be an emotional nightmare – the present even more so – by Derek N Burnell

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In 1947, the spiritual integrity of America’s most revered convent and orphanage is violated by the hate-fuelled, blasphemous behaviour of a celebrity guest during her prolonged labour.

In 1985, the body of a direct descendant of King Louis VII is found amongst the rocks beneath his Italian cliff-face villa. Was his death murder or suicide?

In 1986, in New Zealand’s picturesque Bay of Islands, the historic township of Russell is terrorised by a manic pilot during Sunday Mass. These seemingly unconnected events mark the beginning of a string of incidents that plague the town, and coincide with the arrival of a debonair stranger.

Hearts in Conflict is an amazing, emotion-stirring novel that interweaves the stories of colourful characters, revenge-filled plots spanning decades, and suspected murders, which all combine to create a tapestry of intrigue and suspense.

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Keywords:- Popular Fiction, Colourful Characters, Web Of Action, Suspense And Intrigue, Independence Day, 1947, America’s Revered Convent And Orphanage. Bastille Day, 1985, Lost Body Of King Louis VII, Italy’s Amalfi Coast, Traumatic Events In Russell, NZ, 1986 In Bay Of Islands, New Zealand’s .

Genres:- Suspense, Fiction, Sagas.

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