Heal America, Heal Yourself by Correcting Your Habits : Guidance for Preventing and Reversing Various Kinds of Diseases – by Michelle Moore

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Familiarity with Western medicine, Asian doctors, and chiropractors have given me insight about medicine and health care is the U.S. Learning different philosophies and procedures made me think about health and how human bodies function. The Happy Planet index (www.ahappyplanet.com) about happiness worldwide implies there are major problems in the U.S. In Heal America, Heal Yourself, I focus on personal habits and the American health care system, what we can do about it, and how we can secure our own good health though personal actions and proactive care. We need to abandon the traditional mindset about our health and develop a better health insurance system. The book considers pandemic medical crises worldwide, which include the rapid increase of cancer, thyroid conditions, diabetes, and other infectious diseases such as tuberculosis. I point out what we can do to prevent and even reverse these conditions, as well as how to change the American health insurance system. Since I am originally from an Asian country, I see the major differences in the health insurance system and medical costs in the U.S. as excessive and frequently difficult to access.

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Keywords:- Health, Prevention, Insurance, Cancer, Thyroid, Diabetes, Alternative.

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