He Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah . . NO!: How to Shine After Divorce and Take Charge of Your Well-being – by Anne Maree Spengler

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He Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah … NO! is the sequel to Anne Maree Spengler’s first book, Lies, Deceit, Adultery, and My Husband’s Boyfriend … A Wife’s Tale. It follows her journey from a vulnerable, scared, and divorced woman who wonders what her future holds, to a dynamic, confident, free woman, who feels she can tackle any problem the world throws her way.

Anne Maree’s journey over the past five years has given her strength, motivation, and confidence as she embarks on new adventures and rediscovers who she is. She credits her successful journey to family and friends who provided her greatest support.

There’s no stopping her now in her quest to shine!

“I wanted to help other women who find themselves in the same situation that I found myself in. I wanted to let them know that there is life after divorce! They must seek the solutions they need to let themselves shine, because they don’t have to do it alone. There are so many wonderful resources for help, if only they look in the right places, and ask for help.”

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Keywords:- Motivation, Self -Help, Survival, Well Being, Empowerment, Enlightenment, Divorce.

Genres:- Self-Help.

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