Haunted Houses : Number One through Ten – by Mal Efictomes

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The author shares his collection of unworldly experiences, including accounts of ghosts, premonitions, and astral travelling. Either falling asleep or waking up is the common denominator with many of these ghostly sightings, although the author has experienced psychic events when daydreaming. An absolute mine of psychic information, many lesser known facts are revealed about the paranormal, the hereafter, and some methods to achieve astral travel. There is electrical activity of the brain that occurs between waking and sleeping, and this wave rhythm of the brain is called the Theta wave, known to produce psychic phenomena. Some people, usually classified as being psychic, seem to have the ability to be more aware than others in regard to the so-called paranormal realm. The author is one of those people.

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Keywords:-Ghost, Paranormal Horror, Haunted Houses, Ghosts, Gothic.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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