Good Evening Vietnam : The Aftermath of an Unknown Journey – by Hoa Minh Truong

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The dramatic novel Good Evening, Vietnam is a love story interrupted by war.

During his tour of duty in Vietnam, a young U.S. chopper co-pilot falls in love with a Vietnamese girl. After his chopper is shot down, he is taken prisoner by the Vietcong. Under a POW exchange in 1973, he returns to America, leaving behind his pregnant girlfriend.

After the Vietcong take over Saigon, they imprison hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese who worked with the Americans, force others into the jungles, and denounce the children of U.S. soldiers. Most of these abandoned children were left homeless, some became gangsters, and others joined bandit gangs.

Many years later, when the American pilot’s mental health finally recovers from his ordeals, he travels back to Vietnam for closure. There he is robbed by a gang leader, who later looks at the wallet of the man he robbed, and finds a surprising photo.

Good Evening, Vietnam is the stunning story of a reunion that was too long in coming.

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Genres:- War & Military, Action & Adventure, Suspense.

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