Gohm: A Novel of Fathers, Discernment and Growing Up (Including Miss Rosa) – by Othniel Poole

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Once upon a time in the future, a boy named Gohm has ten fathers, all very individual individuals, and one mother. His fathers don’t like being called Dad, insisting that Gohm calls them each by name. To remember them all, his family has their names tattooed on Gohm’s ten fingers.

One day while playing in the village, a boy named Yarr blinds Gohm during a confrontation. Gohm’s parents take him back to the tattooist, who provides Gohm with a pink Gorgon Cube, which restores his sight. Whenever Gohm turns the cube, he sees things in a very different way.

Gohm meets Darcee and Tabula, the daughters of a bushranger, and a blind man named Sixpence, who comes to his aid more than once. Gohm wanders through a world he desperately tries to understand, including his fathers’ workplaces, an art gallery, and a picnic, through all times of the day, and even in his dreams.

Will Gohm discover what is really going on?

Keywords:- Future, Prog Rock, Medicine, Secrets, Tattoos, Fathers, Millennium.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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