God’s Miracles Throughout the Bible – by Muriel K. Gill

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“A miracle is defined in the dictionary as an ‘extraordinary, supposedly supernatural event; remarkable happening.’

Throughout the Bible, we see God performing miracles or supernatural, remarkable happenings. Miracles show God’s willingness to intervene in human affairs when we call upon Him. They also undoubtedly display God’s limitless power, His tender mercies and His faithfulness in achieving miraculously what He has promised. In other words, there are attributes of God that we see in the miracles He performs. This insightful book is a collection of all the miracles in the Bible, both Old and New Testament.

I thought that if one were to read one miracle after another, this might boost one’s faith in God and give a better understanding of the different attributes of God. I believe that in every miracle, we see the love, care, willingness to help, and mighty power of God. There was a conscious decision not to create an unhealthy fascination with miracles, but to present the God behind the miracles.

It is easier to trust someone when you know him. In the same way, I wanted the presentation of each miracle to present the love, care, goodness, and power of God. This way, readers would know God better and be able to trust Him for their personal struggles in which God is needed to intervene. I hope this book will let readers know God better.”

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