From Hell on Earth to Sanctity in Heavens (or: Ban Religion, Politics, Democracy and Autocracy) – by Odd Haugan

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Someday in the future, when terrorism, pollution, and global warming (with horrendous weather changes) force earthbound man to the precipice of existence, mankind will have to find sanctity from destruction. The answer may lie in adapting to living in space, or on man-made islands in the middle of the ocean.

After living shoulder to shoulder in cramped quarters for years on end, survivors soon discover that all forms of religion and politics must be banned; otherwise, mankind is doomed.

Laid off from Boeing, Don Ringo keeps trying to establish a business, but fails miserably. Only when he teams up with a retired con man does he succeed, by buying a bankrupt space shuttle manufacturer. The space shuttle he calls Earth Hopper is a resounding success, reducing launch costs to a fraction of his competitors. He decides to open a “Spaceshop” in Earth orbit that provides supplies and repair services to NASA, the International Space Station, International Moon Base, and to others. Teaming up with Zili Pedog in Sitnalta, their fortunes multiply, and space is conquered.

The future of mankind is at stake. The assault comes from the failures of religion, the politics of capitalism, socialism, communism, autocracy, dictatorship, and democracy in not addressing global recession, and man-made ecological disaster. The Armageddon of tomorrow may well come long before earthlings take the precautions needed to survive as an intelligent species.

Keywords:- Ban Religion, Ban Politics, Asteroid, Space Travel, Tsunami, Global Recession, Armageddon.

Genres:- Historical Fiction.

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