From Bushman to Bush : As History Has Brought Us to a Point of No Return – by Farhoud Rastegar

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From Bushman to Bush: As History Has Brought Us to a Point of No Return is the fascinating history of modern Iran, as told by the author, an Iranian-born American who immigrated to America when he was 18.

According to author Farhoud Rastegar:

As a teenager, I witnessed the chaos that turned around the direction of the history of Iran, and as a result, the history of the world today as we know it.

“That observation ignited me to not only ask questions but also find the untold and kept-secret version of why things have happened the way they have. My mission is to bring that secret to the public. With that in mind, I review how we became America, and why influential politicians want to stop our evolution as America.

“There are internal corruptions and external distractions that are becoming destructive and disruptive to our American nation and ideology. I am revealing how these factors are connected from the base, and why we need to act now to unveil their identity.

“What is mostly motivating me to write this book is the understanding of my responsibility to share with others the information I have come across. I hope by sharing this information, we humans can change the dangerous path we have chosen to take in the past.”

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