Frenzy in Frome Road: Book Four of the Biddy and Justin Series – by Pamela M. Arnold

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“Pamela Arnold has done it again: another fast-paced suspense thriller that slices through a multitude of dangers, always stays on track, and keeps readers intrigued.

Lively seniors Biddy and Justin, with no time to unpack after returning home from an overseas assignment, are abducted and whisked away in a unique custom-designed, bullet-proof Mercedes.

The action takes place between a luxurious South Australian hills estate called Landmark House and a Tokamak, an experimental machine that harnesses the energy of fusion, in Provence, France.

The story embraces a multitude of interesting tech items, including Abio, a robot dog, which Justin’s dog, a Japanese Chin named Puffer, considers it nothing more than a retarded cousin that does tricks with a ball. There’s also Toots, a Google driverless car, in which Biddy traps an assassin, and Oso is a beautiful and sexy humanoid that’s been enhanced with an extra sex app.

Biddy and Justin, expecting to enjoy a little R&R, are instead swept into action at the Adelaide Zoo, due to a terrorist threat. Going undercover, Biddy poses as an elderly blind woman accompanied by her seeing eye dog, which in reality is an attack dog.”

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Keywords:- Intriguing, International, Crime, Exciting, Suspense, Thrilling, Aussie Series

Genres:- Thriller

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