For Those They Serve – by Gwyn Roberts

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For Those They Serve is an action-packed thriller about a plan to steal the Crown Jewels of Great Britain.

Because of the world crises, Major Wilson’s rifle company has been involved in near continual combat situations, causing the Major to grow disillusioned and angry at the way his men have been killed and injured, due to the British Government’s foreign policy.

One day the Major is sitting in the officer’s mess when one of his officers tells him he has heard of a hypothetical plan to steal the Crown Jewels while their battalion is on public duties in London. The more Wilson thinks about it, the more he feels this simple plan might actually work. Ultimately he decides that if the British Government doesn’t care about compensating his men for their sacrifices then he will do something about it himself. Along with the officers and Senior NCO’s of his rifle company, Wilson hatches a plan to carry out the most audacious robbery in the history of the United Kingdom.

But then, of course, every plan has its shortcomings…

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Keywords:- Military, Action, Adventure, Thriller, Crime, Fiction, Political.

Genres:- Action & Adventure, Crime, Fiction, Men’s Adventure.

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