Flash : A Diary of Disaster – by Tony Lambert

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FLASH: A Diary of Disaster is a stunning novel set in a time when certain people’s lives are being greatly influenced, engaged, and then subsequently destroyed in the mad and highly competitive world of international nuclear deterrents.

The story is based in the age of Super Power, a competitive era when nations seek nuclear superiority. After a chance meeting in the United States by the four main characters, the story tells in three parts a series of dramatic events, all influenced by the presence of FLASH, a new breed of American micro-missiles.

These potentially devastating nuclear spears have been created to cause mega-death. There are those who desire world peace and totally reject the presence of FLASH, while on the opposite spectrum are those who want to possess them to gain almighty power.

Set in the USA, UK, France, Central and South America, and finally Australia, the novel’s ending comes full circle to its beginning: a chance encounter that leads to the shocking conclusion.

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Keywords:- American Micro-missile, Young People, Cold War, Concerns, Fear, Arms Race, International Nuclear Expansion, Deadly Powerful, Deterrents, Plan To Shock, Blinkered Governments, Anti War, National Safety, Parental Response, Stunning, Fantastic, Explosive, Committed, Desire, Greed, Revenge, Wmd, Cnd, Super Powers, Nuclear Superiority, Flash, Peace, Power, Drama, Parental Power, Communist Expansion, Nuclear Shield, Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing, Effects, Cancer, Chance Encounter, Shocking Conclusion.

Genres:- Fiction, War & Military, Thrillers.

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