Finding the Truth of Life – by Paul V. Suffriti

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The book is about the journey of a man named Vincent and his search to find the pure infinite love of God. He is given a revelation through the guidance of the Holy Spirit that uncovers the greatest deception in Christianity by the early church leaders. The knowledge that Vincent is given reveals the reason why God created mankind and the true mission of Jesus Christ. This revelation will open the eyes of the faithful believers and free many from the great lie of life.

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Keywords:- Holy Spirit Revealed, The Seed Of Satan, His Deceived Angels, The Spirit Of Error, The Kingdom Of Heaven, Greatest Deceptions, Blasphemous Lies, The Deceived Of Satan, Hateful Character Of Lucifer, The Children Of The Kingdom, The Pale Church Known As Christianity, Perverted Interpretation Of Scripture, Spiritual Growth In The Love Of God, Save Their Soul From Dead Works, Hell Is The Earth, Blind, Deceived, And In Bondage, The Ten Virgins Are Spiritual Entities, Man Is The Reincarnation, Devil.

Genres:- Fiction Religious.

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