Fasting Your Way to Glory : Revised Edition – by Stella Okoronkwo

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Fasting Your Way to Glory talks about the why and how of biblical fasting, the right and wrong ways of fasting, and the many physical and spiritual benefits you derive from making fasting a lifestyle.

The author shares her personal experiences on how fasting influenced her life from teenager to adulthood.

She says, “Eating constantly for a whole week or month exposes you to the danger of contracting one disease or another. The stomach does not have time to rest and clean up or renew itself. The cells are not renewed, so they continue to wear out. It may be challenging to change your eating habits all of a sudden, but once you succeed through progressive fasting, you will live longer, happier, and healthier.”

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Keywords:- Fasting, Prayer, Bible Reading, Food, Detoxify, Meditation, The Light of God


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