Family Matters and Other Complications : Assorted Stories and Poems Crossing Many Borders – by Latika Mangrulkar

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Family Matters and Other Complications dramatizes the processes involved with immigration. Creating a trans-national identity and the emotional upheavals that occur with such a major change are at the center of this book about men and women at various stages in life as they try to feel at home in a foreign environment.

The assorted stories and poems are woven around characters struggling with identity issues, and the subtle undercurrents make these complex family relationships come alive.

Spanning across several generations and locales, this is a universal dilemma. Historical borders are no longer valid and geographical boundaries have lost their meaning, unable to confine us to where we were born, as the world grows a bit smaller every day.

Beginning in the late 1960s, the book covers a period of 50 years, traveling from the Himalayan Mountains to communities in America.

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Keywords:- Dramatization, Psychological Processes, Immigration, Trans-national Identity, Subtle Undercurrents, Complicated Family Relationships, Family, Relationship, Generations, Characters, Living, World, Historical Borders, Geographical Boundaries, Lost Meaning, Society, Confining People, Born, Small World.

Genres:- Literary Collection, General.

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