Edgework – by William Smillie

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In August of 2001—one month before 9/11—a gang of Southern California car thieves find themselves blackmailed by a band of Asian insurgents into smuggling guns for gold and eventually leading a charge against a prison garrison in Western China.  Their most formidable adversary, however, is not the Chinese Army guarding the garrison but the American F-16s attacking from above, dispatched by the President of the United States himself.  Hunted by the FBI, infiltrated by the CIA, and compromised by an international network of espionage operatives and assassins, these street-wise G-Riders must navigate through the perils of an entire world determined to bring them down.  Composed of disgruntled Vietnam veterans, displaced Native Americans, disenfranchised foreigners, and a feisty clique of lesbian desperados, this gang of professional thieves ignores the threat of exposure and ultimately puts their lives on the line for a cause and a code only they understand.

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Keywords:-Car Thieves, Prison Break, Vietnam Veterans, Gun-Smuggling, Insurgents, Tibet, CIA.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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