Easy-Happy-Sexy : On the Twelfth Day – by Linden Thorp

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Ninija is an Aboriginal tribal leader in mourning for her son, Ginger, who fell prey to alcohol and drug abuse like so many of their people. Preparations are currently underway for his Burial ceremony, but as Ninija prepares for this most sacred of ceremonies, the white ghost Lumaluma, whom only she can see and hear, plagues her. Lumaluma wants Ninija to be his concubine and relentlessly and lustily pursues her to that end.

As the twelve days of preparations continue for Ginger’s Burial ceremony, Ninija is continuously distracted from her duties by Lumaluma, who tries to tear her away from the pristine morals and natural goodness of traditional life. Seduced by his gifts and attentions, she is intermittently torn out of her desert life. In time, Ninija finds herself between two worlds; her Lands in the desert, known as the ‘Here-and-Now;’ and the so-called ‘civilized’ lands, a spiritual wilderness where people live in their minds, consumed by a great fear of death and disease. This is Lumaluma’s world, which Ninija calls his Easy-Happy-Sexy.

Will Ninija find the strength to resist Lumaluma’s advances and make the crafty white-fella ghost pay the price for his bullying and lack of respect?

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Keywords:- Spiritual, The Dreaming Lands, Here-and-Now, Australian Native Peoples, Civilised, Wilderness, Glorious Death.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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