Driven – by Phyllis Greene-Nicholas

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A complex tale of love, lust, betrayal, and hatred, Driven is the story of Charlotte, a divorced mother of two, who meets Edward, also a divorcee, in a chance encounter at a grocery store. The two are stirred by an irresistible attraction to one another that neither can fight. But sometimes it’s difficult for love to find its way; especially when Charlotte’s controlling ex-husband Trevon finds out she’s dating and becomes insane with jealousy. The extent of his rage becomes evident in increasingly violent ways.

Edward is also dealing with his own complications from his previous marriage, as well as a pair of managers at his network of auto dealerships that are attempting to undermine his business. Things go from bad to worse for Edward when he finds that his ex-wife’s new boyfriend has molested his daughter.

Although love can arise at the most unexpected of times and places, it can also be tested. For a love to survive such adversities, it must be true and Driven.

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Keywords:-Lust, Love, Trust, Denial, Hate, Driven, Betrayal, Rape.


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