Dreamers & Doers: A collection of inspirational stories, life-changing moments and acts of kindness – by Janika Vaikjävr

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Dreamers & Doers is the world’s first book about women who have climbed Kilimanjaro. More than 50 authors of 30 different nationalities have contributed their inspirational stories to this one-of-a-kind book.

The idea for the book was born a few years ago. An old Kilimanjaro guide told the author about his life, and that he was working solely to support his grandchildren – without his help they could not afford an education.

This little story was the beginning of something big: a book and a school textbook. Women and Kilimanjaro. Children and education.

The mission of the book is to inspire women around the world to dream bigger and to do what is needed to fulfil their dreams. It also aims to draw attention to more equal opportunities for education for all children. Everyone who buys Dreamers & Doers provides one Tanzanian schoolchild with a textbook.

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Keywords:- Women, Mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro, Trekking, Life Changing Moments, Dream, Inspiration.

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