Dragon Force: The Last Salute – by R.D. Moore

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“Journey back to the Vietnam War era, as a small unit of American and international soldiers undertake a dangerous mission deep in enemy territory.

With no experienced team available, a small unit of five Marines, one SEAL, a Ranger, and a Green Beret is cobbled together to extract two agents who know about a massive build-up of weapons.

A former French Foreign Legionnaire and two Burmese are also added to the unit, which is tasked to check out a site on the China-Burma border that’s suspected of having biological and chemical agents. The unit is split into two teams.

Marine Lieutenant Ron Morgan’s team stops at a village involved in the opium trade on the way to recon at the bio-chem site. There the team encounters American POWs that have been brutally tortured and are about to be transported to China and the Soviet Union.

The other team finds the two agents they were looking for and recons at a rail junction, where they see huge shipments of weaponry being stockpiled. Morgan devises a plan with two of the POWs to destroy the bio-chem site.

But now that their mission is complete, how will they escape?”

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Keywords:- Vietnam, Covert Mission, Burma, Prisoners of War, Drug Trade, Romance.

Genres:- Thriller

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