Diary of an Insane Woman – by Pauline Drouin-Degorgue

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Diary of an Insane Woman is a fictional novel that was inspired by the death of JonBenèt Ramsay. Fifteen years ago, Christmas Eve of 1996, this lovely Mini- Miss was murdered in her own home while her parents slept in another part of the house. The culprit was never found, nor anyone ever brought to trial; this book then, attempts to explain the unexplainable.

Heidy Montgomry is the main character of the novel and the mother of Johanna, the murdered Little Star. Although the title suggests Heidy is crazy, no one is completely certain that she is not possessed by a Demon. The truth is not known even by the author who pretends to know everything. The story alternates between the narrator’s voice and Heidy’s Diary, which describes the same events, but as experienced from the inner depth of her soul.

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Keywords:- Child’s Murder, Imaginary Friend, Demon, Ghost, Evil Spirit, Murder And Mystery, Dangerous Child Beauty Pageant Contest.

Genres:- Literary Criticism, Mystery & Detective Fiction.

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