Destiny Awakened – by Carolyn Lacek

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Hidden deep within a fortress of thorny briars, beneath clouds of darkness, lies the castle of the king and queen of the kingdom of mankind. Their daughter, Princess Destiny, slumbers under the evil spell of the dark Prince Beelzebub, trapped in a never-ending dream of desolation and despair. As much as she struggles to wake, she finds that her efforts are futile.

It is up to the valiant Prince Emmanuel, betrothed of Princess Destiny, to rescue His true love and her parents from the curse of Beelzebub. He must battle through darkness and danger to reach the castle and wake the princess from her endless slumber. Will the power of His love for Princess Destiny give Him the strength He needs to rescue her?

This fascinating and thrilling take on the classic story of Sleeping Beauty takes an interesting turn. The story gives insight into the relationship we have with Jesus Christ. Its thought-provoking message will give hope and understanding to both children and adults.

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Genres:- Fantasy, Epic, Fiction, Fairy Tales, Folklore & Mythology.

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