Defenseman – by Mike Maloni

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“This isn’t a story about putting the puck in the net, although that is part of it, but of understanding your brothers on the ice and your brother in real life. But when your brother in real life has mental illness, it brings an entirely new look to the picture.”

Steve Tomassini is a gifted, All-American -type athlete with a promising future in hockey and the smarts to run his own small business. As one of the most talented defensemen to play for Boston University, Steve is known for his unfailing drive and determination that continues to make him a success.

His brother, Tony, is a fiction writer and Boston University business graduate who has been in and out of mental institutions since the age of 22. Not willing to give up the fight, Tony is determined to try and regain his life back, and Steve is the only one that knows how to do it.

A winning story of brotherhood, courage and team spirit, Defenseman shows how the bonds of true friendship are forged.

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Keywords:- Team Work, Brother Hood, Brothers, Mental Illness, Winning Attitudes, Motivation, College, Boston, Dallas, International, American Made, Cooperation Needed, Humor, Sensitivity, Relationships, Maturity, Decision Making Skills, Group Dynamics, Realization Of Potential, Work Ethic, Matriculation, Levity, Desperation, Life Choices, Business, Photography, Combination Of Generational College Students. Great Hockey, Excellent Dialogue, Feel Good Story, Serious In Parts, Very Dedicated Young People. Nuclear Family. Support, Laughter, High Expectations, Rising Above Obscurity.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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