Defender of Genes – by Tony Green

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Billions of years ago in a faraway galaxy, Planet Zula is reeling from the effects of global warming. It is burning amid the flames of a worldwide war over resources. When evil aliens attack an orbiting space station, a group of young people find themselves cast adrift in a new interstellar spacecraft with amazing technology.

Assisted by an extraordinary apparition, they are bound for an unknown destination and find themselves stranded millions of light years from home. A series of hair-raising adventures spanning billions of years follows, while a new planet evolves around them.

When the young people roam the ever-changing landscape, they have some dangerous encounters with the local wildlife. Several shocks lie ahead. When they discover what appears to be a wolf – everything is going to change for all of them – for all time.

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Keywords:-Adventure, Space, Interstellar, Evolution, Dinosaurs, Science Fantasy, Sustainable Technology.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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