Dealing with Difficult Situations : The Processing of the Lord – by Wayne C. Brown

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Dealing with Difficult Situations: The Processing of the Lord is the testimony of Wayne and Charmaine Brown, as they were being processed by God in their season of preparation for the ministry. It gives insight into how all believers in Christ can respond to life’s challenges, partnering with God, and allowing His processing to have Christ formed in them.

God takes His time to shape and form the man before the ministry. He has been shaping His Church (the Body of Christ) for over two thousand years.

In every season of life, there is seed, process, and harvest. Process involves challenges, and it is important that we have the right response to God in the midst of life’s challenges. As we go through challenges, it is also important that we have a correct and accurate posture, knowing that through our suffering, God’s glory will emerge.

The result of all God’s work is to have Christ formed in us so we can fulfill His purposes accurately and in His nature.

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Keywords:- Apostolic, Prophetic, Building Church, Christ, Trials and Testings, Healing, Miracles, Personal Death, CongressWBN, Wayne Brown, Inheritance International.

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