Deadly Secrets – by Elizabeth Farris

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Sydney Cabot has an awesome life. She owns the Stonewater Bed and Breakfast in picturesque Savannah, Georgia. The safe and secure home she once knew as a child has been renovated to become her bread and butter. She also has handsome real estate mogul David Baxter as her lover.

Unfortunately, David has some Deadly Secrets and a killing side, making him determined to rid the world of any woman who isn’t as innocent, wholesome, and pure as his Sydney. David possesses the looks and money that would satisfy any prostitute, but the ones who decide to pursue him, end up dead, butchered, and contained in his trophy box, which he secretly keeps in one of his many places of business.

Enter FBI Agent Reese Conrad, who tries relentlessly to bring David to justice, while protecting Sydney, who he falls in love with and is sleeping with throughout his investigation. As Reese and his partner unearth more and more clues to David’s guilt, one of David’s employees leads them to the one piece of evidence that will put Baxter away, his coveted trophy box!

When David spots Sydney and Reese together, he decides that Sydney is next on his murder list. Will Reese be able to stop the killer in time and save the woman he loves?

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Keywords:-Thriller, Suspense, Romance, Murder, Serial Killer, Detective.


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