Dead at 30 – by Debbie Steever

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Five high school friends get together for a reunion to celebrate the women’s 30th birthdays.

But this happy occasion for the five girlfriends changes swiftly when one of them is murdered.

The reunion takes place in a small Vermont town at a resort owned by the family of one of the women. The remaining four friends try to solve the crime, even as one stands accused of the murder. But did she do it? And how will the death affect the survivors?

Julie Brown Duncan is the leader of the group and the glue that holds them together. She is married to a doctor and the reunion was held at her family’s resort. Meet the other women in Dead at Thirty and decide for yourself “who done it.”

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Keywords:- Mystery, Murder, Friends, Friends Reunion, Secret Affair, Drug Abuse, Secrets, Family Relationships, Lies, Relationships In General, Compassion For Others, Family Bond, Brutal Death, Loss Of Innocence, Adultery, Adoption, Women’s Prison, Teenage Memories, Attorney/client Relationships, And Suicide.

Genres:- Fiction, Mystery & Detective, Women Sleuths, Suspense.

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