Daisies Don’t Lie : Misadventures in Journalism: The Making of a Feminist – by Nancy Louise Lewis

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My life in journalism, which began covering a notorious, and until now unsolved murder in Connecticut, led to attempts on my life by cops in two states. You don’t have to be black to have cops wanting you dead!

I uncovered newspaper corruption wherever I went during my thirty-year career, and also found corruption and dysfunction in government at all levels. I ended up homeless, first on East Coast streets and later in New Mexico, due to the duplicitous nature of some of the papers I wrote for, which promise truth but give anything but.

Part I details my poisoning at the hands of constabularies and others in Louisiana, after I exposed an until now unpublished account of a massacre of black soldiers in 1942, which was covered up by the Army and my newspaper.

Part II describes homelessness in detail from a first-hand perspective, both on the East Coast and in New Mexico, and it features columns I published while on the streets.

Part III describes the effort of Santa Fe cops to eliminate me permanently after I’d become a thorn in the sides of corrupt officials and newspapers by filing forty-odd lawsuits.

I must be a cat in disguise, since I wrote for newspapers in at least nine states and am still alive to tell the tale. I hope this book will precipitate change in journalism, the love of my life.

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Keywords:- Cops, Journalism, Homelessness, Marijuana, Feminism, Massacre, Sexual Harassment.

Genres:- Biography/Autobiography/Memoir.

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