Crime and Drugs on Trip City Street – by Timothy Louis Baker

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This highly amusing book analyses and comprehensively demolishes the many theories of evolution stage by stage. The author invites readers to draw their own conclusions after considering the evidence for and against. He believes that most people have never really given much serious thought to the vital question of whether we descended from Adam and Eve or whether we evolved from lower forms of life. He contends that most people who believe that we evolved from (non-existent) ape-men do so simply because that is what they have been taught to believe. Readers are reminded that the theories are nothing more than that – theories. It is made clear that every single stage of supposed evolution is an imagined one where the suggested supportive evidence has not been substantiated. Did you know that since the first two people came into existence; the world’s population has doubled only just over thirty-one-and-a-half times?

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Genres:- True Crime, Espionage.

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