Counterpoint : Take Back That Which Is Yours – The Third of the Jonathan Savage Trilogy – by Paul V. Walters

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Jonathan Savage’s company Tri-Com has grown to dominate the word of high tech, becoming a global empire. On the cusp of releasing its most revolutionary product to date, the company is suddenly finds itself under attack. Its offices and manufacturing plants around the world are targeted in a carefully orchestrated operation.

Miranda Phillips emerges from hiding, determined to bring about the demise of Savage, having teamed up with a determined group of Russian activists hell bent on taking control of the world’s biggest software producer.

Savage enlists the help of Scotland Yard in a desperate attempt to save himself and everything he has built. Counterpoint carries on where Blowback left off, and is a thrill-a-minute ride up until the last page, with the final showdown taking place in the frozen city of Vladivostok.

“Savage by name but not by nature. Walters’s hero takes us on a deadly game across a trilogy of thrillers in which the winner takes all. A brilliant read!” – John Affleck, Gold Coast Bulletin

“Kept me turning the pages to see how Savage survives. Both Final Diagnosis and Blowback are absorbing reads.” – Alana Woods

The first in the trilogy, Final Diagnosis, sets a wonderful platform for the rest of the series.” – Irish Times

“The Savage trilogy promises a wild and exciting ride and delivers in spades.” – Michael Jacobson, News Ltd

“Walters’s storytelling skills offer a gripping tale of suspense and intrigue sure to keep the reader captivated.” – The Bulletin

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Keywords:-Espionage, Terrorism, Thriller, Financial Terrorism, Crime, Revenge, Fast Paced.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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