Cook, Baker, Candlestick Maker – by Frank Skinner

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Take an exciting journey with Frank Skinner as he climbs the military ranks from private to Captain, co-develops anti-terrorist breaching tactics and works behind the scenes to protect our country as, all the while, he and his family cope with personal issues and life threatening medical problems. A true depiction of how the current war on terror began from a man who has seen it up close and personal.

“Definitely a ‘must read’ for tacticians, future leaders and historians. The author captures the human endeavors necessary to accomplish and obviously enjoy in order to pioneer the development of a continual facet of warfare, and meeting the challenges of the changing threats in both military and commercial arenas.” – Richard Marcinko, a.k.a. Rogue Warrior

“Frank Skinner’s descriptions of scenes, events, and conversations which he had over the years in the Arab World…ring true and authentic and present a good insight into his cordial personal and working relations. This book is excellent as a guide of what to expect when engaged in security work in the region.” – Dr. Margaret Nydell, Former Professor of Arabic, Georgetown University, Author of Understanding Arabs.

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Genres:- Fiction, War & Military, Suspense , Action & Adventure.

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