Conspiracy? – by John Michael Patrick

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In 1993 St.   Louis, John Peterson and Tammy Wilburn were celebrating John’s new computer career and the start of a new life together until fate dealt them a new hand. In a spin of fate and circumstance the young couple is propelled through time to 1963 and provided an opportunity to stop the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Weaving a carefully crafted plan, John is prepared to kill Lee Harvey Oswald in the Texas School Book Depository to prevent the President’s assassination. But is there a second gun man? The reputed shooter behind the grassy knoll? Perhaps, John and Tammy reason, it is better not to rewrite history. Perhaps the opportunity before them is to prove the President’s assassination was the result of a conspiracy. Armed with a video camera they seek evidence that Oswald did not act alone and then fi nd themselves once again the victims of fate, and now the target of a nationwide manhunt. Captured, arrested and held responsible for the murder of the President, the Attorney General seeks Supreme Court approval to assert the death penalty. While there is strong evidence of guilt, there is compelling evidence that shows it impossible for John and Tammy to have had anything to do with the crime of the century.

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Keywords:- Peterson, Wilburn, Conspiracy?, Travel, Time, Cia, Fbi, Death Row.

Genres:- Thrillers, Fiction, Science Fiction, General, Romance, Suspense.

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