Colin & Lester – by Bernard Michael O’Hanlon

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Colin Downer and Lester Dudley Biggins are two lowly undertakers who have been mistakenly allocated a prominent funeral that represents their final opportunity to climb out of the gutter – if only they can transcend their limitations. Throughout the narrative Colin and Lester are dogged by fake-priests, hoodlums, and hot-fingered politicians. They are also iconoclasts, as any authority figure who comes into firing range soon finds out. As expected, the day ends dismally for all concerned.

Dark, hilarious, and somewhat obscene, Colin & Lester embodies the Seven Deadly Sins in spades (with slothfulness being to the fore).

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Keywords:- Humour, Comedy, Fiction, Australian, Colin And Lester, Colin & Lester, Bernard, O’hanlon, Undertakers, Funeral Directors, Bernard Michael O’hanlon, Colin, Lester, Black Humour, Funeral, Michelle Obama, Donald Rumsfeld.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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