Colder Weather : Hope Lives Where Reason Dies – by Michael Morrow

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Colder Weather is the story of Adam Sutterland, a young psychologist who, despite living in the city, has deep roots in the mountainous rural areas of Missouri. Eventually Adam brings his young wife and son back from the city to live in his birth home in the country. All is well until tragedy strikes and Adam’s family is killed.

Despite having counseled others on their problems for nearly a decade, Adam finds himself angry, delusional, anguished and unable to cope. Feeling betrayed by his very maker, Adam befriends Walter Montgomery an older war hero who is wise although gravely ill. Through Walter, Adam meets Alexis Davis, a kind and pretty woman with a son of her own.

By forming these new friendships and relationships, Adam is able to begin to move beyond the hatred and deep distrust of everything that have taken hold of him. In the end, he overcomes his delusions, denial and anger to find a kind of salvation and even a certain level of happiness.

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Genres:-General Fiction.

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