Close Encounters With God : Unveiling the Secret of the Hidden-God- by Dr. Reginald O. Crosley

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By rediscovering the true personality of the Self-revealed God, we will be able to understand the great mysteries of the universe that have baffled us for millennia. These include the suffering of the blameless, the persistence of evil in the world, the atoning power of blood sacrifice, the prosperity of the wicked, the necessity of a new birth or translation of time to eternity, the destiny of martyrdom for some of the chosen people, and why Yahweh remains the hidden God.

Close Encounters With God presents a study of multiple close encounters with Yahweh, the name of God in Hebrew Scripture. These encounters will enable us to have a clearer portrayal of the Self-revealed God, one who is different from the conceptualized deity envisioned through transcendental meditation, vision quest or mystical rapture.

This book is an invitation to acknowledge the revelation of His own person by God Himself, in multiple close encounters with mortal men and women in our sacred Scriptures, as opposed to his conceptualization by human intuition or imagination.

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Keywords:- God, Anthropomorphism, Encounters, Likeness, Theophanies, Martyrdom, Glorification.

Genres:- Religion, Fundamentalism, Christianity, General.

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